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AI Trends – Why should you learn AI

AI is the latest revolution silently taking over the world. Every industry is having relevant applications of AI. With ever increasing data, business complexity and competition everyone is looking for the futuristic advantage through AI…

Machine learning is taking over the world

Machine Learning, commonly known as ML is a subset of AI which helps the machines to learn from the given data. It is obvious that all the decision making models are based on machine learning hence, it is a good place to start when you want to step into the world of AI…

Difference between Deep Learning & Artificial Learning

DL is a subset of AI, a progressive model over the ML, with higher capabilities to take decision in the event of ambiguous results with or without interference from the programmer for effective performance…

AI – Where to start learning?

It is obvious that you want the best. However, when you are aiming to master something like AI you should have clarity on the width and depth of the subject along with understanding on where to take the first step. Mostly depending on your background and what you…



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