To support the mutual learning and development of professionals from various fields of work, with the common agenda of mastering Artificial Intelligence, we have built a platform where everyone could share knowledge, collaborate, showcase, network, publish, discuss, and do more. Join us and contribute your share and grow along with the like-minded community.

Bootcamps are the best way to challenge yourself and showcase your learning. At Trensdive, we organize Bootcamps for AI enthusiasts to solve complex issues and identify solutions. Be part of our workgroup to get constant updates on these activities.

Your participation strengthens our efforts and impacts many. Please bear in mind that the participation in the workgroup is for the learners or professionals from the AI field and on invitation basis only. Discuss with the group leaders or connect with us.

Live Demos

We organize working models of the solutions developed by our own members of the AI WORKGROUP attracting contribution from other members or investors.

White Papers

Present your knowhow by publishing white papers, writeups, article in the AI WORKGROUP for mutual benefit. Who knows where it could lead you on your career path.

Project Sharing

Need help on your critical project? Or Would like to be part of a project? Our AI WORKGROUP is the right platform for right collaboration and fitting contribution.

Like Minded

Network for learning and fun. Find the like-minded professionals over the AI WORKGROUP for mutual benefit and to unwind. Organize events through us, as you please.

Learner’s Engagement

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