About Us

Poised to change the learning experience of the individuals to transform them into industry ready professionals, all through collective passion and knowhow.

Who We are?

Trensdive is a brainchild of professionals from industry and academics to meet the dire shortage encountered in finding the right professionals with real-time project experience, for our inhouse projects, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence and specialized IT applications.

Trensdive is a is an ed-tech company that offers courses s in career critical competencies such as Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning and more.

Our coursesframework are designed in a manner that a learner from any professional occupation can learn, our courses are taken by students and professionals alike who build competencies in emerging areas to secure and grow their careers.

our focus is on creating industry relevant programs and crafting learning experiences that help students and professionals to apply, learn and demonstrate capabilities in areas that are driving the future.

Our Manifesto

Why Us?

Our Knowledge-Skill pedagogy offer concept clarity along with the experience for an engaged learning. This helpsthe learner to to readily apply the learningsin the real time scenarios

Our programs are carefully drafted by the experts from industry ensure to include relevant and contemporary project-based learning. Every students would go through rigorous self-identification of strengths and requirementsto pave path towards a career in Data Science, AI and beyond. Participants of the program could convert their ideas into prototypes that serves are a innovation platform for those with entrepreneurial skills. We internship and projects are in line with the industry and institutional demands and help in creating effective learners, irrespective of their educational background


Hands-on team with relevant industry experience and knowhow.

In-house Projects

Real-time projects, both in-house and external & research opportunities.

Best Course Content

Developed in sync by industry experts & university professors.

Industry Tie-ups

Bootcamps, Keynotes, Expert visits and more for exposure & careers.


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Suresh Kadari
CEO & Founder

"“Innovation & Ethics are our lifelines"

Raghuvamshi Reddy
Chief Strategy

"“We are driven by passion"

Rahul Atlury
Lead – Innovation

"Democratizing technology for good"

Hemanth Maley

"We are goal & quality oriented"